My new favorite place!!! Not only is the ice cream delish, the people that work there are always so nice:) Wow, they sure can do some dipping and keep the line moving. And of course the dips are plentiful!
Cherry Shores Wood

My mother was visiting a few weeks ago and we had lunch at Jimmy's. We were too full for dessert but on the drive home we passed Vanderwende's. Suddenly we weren't full anymore!
Patricia Nash

Had my first Vanderwende's today...and definitely not my last! Probably the best ice cream I've ever had.
Diane Simmons

Best ice cream ever!
Alison Latcheran

First time visitors today! I have to say we will be back soon! great ice cream!
Crystal Lea McDonald

If you walk in expecting just exceptional homemade ice cream, the aromas of homemade waffle cones & apple dumplings knock you to the curb! You'll definitely want the experience!
Sandi Logan

Best ice cream I've ever had! (N that's saying a lot)
Terri Finnick-Russell

The taste isn't the only reason Sunny thinks this is the greatest ice cream and worth driving from Richmond, VA for - who knew the waffle cone would be half her size? :) - at Vanderwende Farm Creamery.

Alexis Skipper

Best Ice Cream anywhere!
Delmarva Environmental

Just stopped and got an ice cream cone and sundae!! Wow you guys are awesome! Home made ice cream!
Sharon Albert Bradley

First timer!! You're my new stop to and from the beach! Plus, it was cool to see the cows run for their food! Awesome place!!
Patty Crisman

You guys have the best apple dumplings. They are a must have!
Sharon Larrimore Eaton

Great ice cream, Great milk shakes, and great milk. My kids love the place.. can't wait to come back again.
Cheryl Chandler

Great Ice Cream. Definitely Addictive!
Barbara Webster Bowden

Very good ice cream. Loved the coconut and berry cheesecakes together. Yum
Donna Bailey

I've become a bit of an ice cream snob after working for a popular handmade ice cream company for the past year. Whenever I see a creamery or new ice cream joint I have to admit that I'm a bit skeptical. Is it really ice cream? Where does the cream come from? Is this just another Cold Stone and dear god I hope they don't sing at me?

With Vanderwende, there aren't many questions. The cows are hanging out right next to the place, chewing their cud and moseying around.

This is the perfect little spot in the middle of nowhere to get some ice cream. They have a quaint (Amish-built) store that has a few seats inside and also sells milk, cheese, and cakes. There's plenty of seating outside as well on a nice day, and even a little place for a photo-op.

The ice cream is perfect. I always get a milkshake and ask them to thin it out a little bit, I practically live for these things with [insert any ice cream here] and peanut butter sauce.

Friendly, farmy, and great for the family.

Jamie D.
Philadelphia, PA
It's fresh, delicious ice cream that is made on-site, sells for a reasonable price, and served up with a smile! Be warned -- the scent of the home-made waffle cones is intoxicating when you walk in. They also sell locally-produced cheeses and milk in glass bottles.

If you are on your way to or from the beach, do yourself a favor & stop at Vanderwende's.

Rebecca C.
Oakton, VA
On the way back from OC...craving ice cream-spotted a sign for homemade ice cream out in the middle of nowhere- so glad I stopped! Parking lot was full so I knew it had to be good. Cows were right there on the field next to the ice cream shop. Fresh ice cream. I had Annie's Apple Pie - pieces of apples and pie crust in the vanilla ice cream = heaven. I asked for a one scoop and got a huge stuffed cone. See picture. Also sell fresh cheese in great flavors, ice cream sandwiches and they make their own waffle cones (1.00 extra) For about 4bucks, this stop was completely worth it!
If you are traveling, to Lewes, Dewey Beach, Rehoboth, Bethany Beach or Ocean City and you are using Rt 404 to get to your destination, look for a new business about one mile south of the Maryland/ Delaware border, the Vanderwende Farm Creamery, on the Dutch Ayr farm. They are so proud of their operation that they constructed a brand new building just for the sale of dairy products right from the farm, namely ice cream, milk, cheese and butter. I ordered a double scoop of Cherry Vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone and let me tell you that this was the finest ice cream that I have ever had, not to mention an absolutely magnificent sugar cone. Now part of my shock at the quality of the ice cream may be that I have just not had the opportunity to taste ice cream so close to the source but this ice cream is absolutely the finest and may be the best around. Keep the location in mind and if you have the opportunity arrange your schedule to make a stop.

You will not be disappointed and I should mention that they have about 20 flavors available and offer new flavors frequently. It is positively worth the stop.

“Delaware Dairy Delights”

My in-laws suggested this place after dinner. The shop was clean and ice cream was great. My 2 year old daughter got a baby scoop of banana with rainbow sprinkles and she loved it. For me, the 1 scoop was just a little too much, next time I will get a baby scoop. The smell of apple dumplings and fresh waffle cones are very tempting! We will definitely be going back!

Jenna R.
Ellendale, DE
On you way to or from the Delaware beaches, on 404 is this gem. Recently opened, they make their own ice cream in a wide variety of flavors. Great ice cream chocked full of flavor ingredients like cookie dough, mint chip, peaches . They give you very generous scoops and they are all yummy!!!!! My new favorite stop!!!
As they say" From cow to cone" !!!

This is a great place to stop for home-made ice cream. On Rte. 404, the seashore highway, which connects the Bay Bridge from Denton, MD, to Annapolis, MD (Eastern Shore to Western Short), it is well situated for a treat either before or after going over the bridge. Wide range of flavors, all homemade, rich and delicious, so you may just want to make ice cream your meal.
Maggie P
Wilmington, Delaware